• Swiss Climate Foundation

The Swiss Climate Foundation

The Swiss Climate Foundation is a non-profit foundation that directly champions the cause of climate protection in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It helps to fund small and medium enterprises (SME) that are proactive in their approach to reducing CO2 emissions. The foundation provides financial support to SMEs engaging in the following areas of climate protection:

  • A voluntary energy-efficiency commitment within the framework provided by the Energy Agency of the Economy (EnAW) or by the Swiss Cleantech Agency (act)
  • Energy-efficiency or climate-protection projects in their operations
  • Development and marketing of innovative products and technologies in the field of climate protection
The foundation was established by the Zurich Energy Model. Its partner companies are major service enterprises, and the foundation is open to further companies who wish to contribute to climate protection. The foundation enables donating enterprises to effectively reinvest their net gains from re-distributed CO2 levies (rebates) into suitable climate protection projects.
Vincent Eckert, CEO
Tel: 043 285 44 80, email

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